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Buster - Springer Spaniel Puppy - 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

21 November 2018 3

14 week Buster needed work lead pulling, recall, jumping general obedience. Trained Senior Instructor Petra Uhrova - www.adolescentdogs..

Husky Golden Retriever puppy training Houston Memorial Texas

21 November 2018 3

Sloan 9 week golden retriever puppy Ava 1yr husky puppy work distraction training stay commands.

Cody is SO PRETTY! Miniature Schnauzer Puppy in Training!

21 November 2018 2

www.SnakeRiverCanine. Meet Cody! Cody qualified loving home puppy training complete. For information ...

Cockapoo puppy training - 'Dill' lesson 1

21 November 2018 2

'Dill' weeks lesson - 'Recall'. Come lessons added.

Puppy Training Basics - How Much Freedom Should Your Puppy Get - Professional Dog Training Tips

21 November 2018 2

In livestream talk puppy training basics, focus figuring freedom puppy ! Ask puppy ...

10 Easy Ways to Train a New Puppy

19 November 2018 4

Do puppy? If adore puppy barking, chewing, incorrect behaviors driving crazy, ' despair!

Training 3 Things: Come When Called, Leash Walking and Fetch!

18 November 2018 5

How train dog called, walk leash pulling play fetch! This video sponsored Petflow! Set automatic pet ...

Malinois Puppy Training Twenty One

17 November 2018 4

Using sound, stance motion build drive young Malinois pups. Here' link website information services: ...

Puppy training obedience

16 November 2018 5

4 month Nala learning good foundation obedience.

BEAUTIFUL Mini Schnauzer Puppy - AVAILABLE!!!

14 November 2018 5

www.SnakeRiverCanine. Cody gorgeous liver toy sized Miniature Schnauzer puppy. He enrolled unique amazing Puppy Training ...

IS A PUPPY HARD WORK? Training Top Tips w/ Corgi Puppy

14 November 2018 8

SURPRISING MY PARENTS WITH A CORGI PUPPY! https://youtu./yYsXJTRwMCY It' safe I' obsessed corgi puppy, ( welsh pembroke ...